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Woman in need of kidney transplant advertising for help to save her life

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Michelle Charlesworth reporting

Robin Amarena said she's advertising for someone to help save her life.

"You're constantly thinking, 'Is that kidney going to ever come' and 'Am I ever going to feel better'?" said Amarena.

"I need a kidney," reads the ad plastered on her car window. She said this approach has worked for others.

She has been in stage five renal failure for two years and undergoes dialysis treatments twice a day. She's also on the waiting list for a kidney, but said she needs help now.

"Without dialysis, I wouldn't be here," she said.

Her daughter, Brittany Mercado, said it's tough seeing her mom struggle, especially since she lost her father when she was a baby.

"Now it's harder on me because I didn't have my father, and now my mother is sick so I am hoping for a miracle for her," said Mercado. "I know eventually it will be her turn, I have hope."

The challenge is not only finding someone who is willing to donate, but someone who is a match for her "O" blood type.

A potential donor would still have to follow testing and evaluation protocol.

Amarena said she knows that person is out there, and hopes they see her sign and offer to help.

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