Mysterious igloo built in downtown Chicago

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A man built an igloo on the median of Upper Wacker Drive at Columbus in downtown Chicago. (WLS)

An igloo is the newest development project in downtown Chicago.

On the median of Upper Wacker Drive, at Columbus Drive, the igloo was erected this week. Initially, people thought it was built by a homeless person.

In fact, David Sudler, who lives across the street in a high-rise building, spent 15 hours to build the structure. He saw the big sheets of ice and put them together using a shovel, chisel and a tarp to help with the heavy pieces.

"A lot of times we've got hundreds of people walking down the sidewalks and they aren't done properly," Sudler said. "So, I come and do the corners and I thought, 'Well, what the hay. Let's have some fun.'"

The cold weather is cooperating to keep the igloo from melting, but it isn't clear how long the city will allow it stand.

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