Police officers injured when car crashes into Wallington convenience store

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Tim Fleischer is live in Wallington with the details.

A driver crashed through the front of a northern New Jersey convenience store, injuring two police officers who were inside the store.

With a thundering crash and glass flying everywhere, video of the vintage Buick is jolting enough as it comes to rest in a Wallington 7-Eleven.

But it's not until you see the second view that you realize those are two police officers being struck by the out of control driver.
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Two police officers were injured when a car crashed into a convenience store in Wallington

"It is very disturbing. And the time we live in now days you don't know if it's someone doing that purposeful or it was just an accident," said Police Chief Carmello Imbruglia, Wallington Police Department.

Sergeant Thomas Kruk and Police Officer Peter Zagaja had stopped in the 7-Eleven on Main Avenue around 7:15 early Sunday morning.

In the video, they move around the store getting their coffee.

That's when suddenly, police say, 64-year-old Robert Delvin jumped the curb and slammed the car through the double doors, pushing the officers against display cases, and knocking both men to the ground.

"He drove a good distance into the store?" Eyewitness News Reporter Tim Fleischer said.

"Yes, almost 15 feet away. I've never seen anything like that," said Min Sakong, store owner.

The driver sat there for a minute, but then started backing out of the store and into the parking lot.

"Then when the car exits, the Sergeant, he was actually in better shape, went after the gentleman," Imbruglia said.

Officer Zagaja could then be seen limping out through the debris. He suffered a leg injury.

Both officers then escorted the driver from the car and took him into custody.

Delvin is charged with driving while impaired and assault by auto.

As for the damage and cleanup: "It's been like five hours. We remain shut down to clean up," Sakong said.

"That's a lot of lost business?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yes," Sakong said.

Especially with heavy sales of Powerball tickets, but Sakong is glad the officers were not seriously hurt.

"Officers' fine, that's all I care," Sakong said.

"The sergeant is up and running. The officer is recovering but no permanent injuries, but he was hurt at the time. Very lucky, very blessed," Imbruglia said.

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