7 On Your Side: Top tips to winterize your car

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7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda is live in New Jersey with the details.

Before the first flakes fall, 7 On Your Side and Guy Blehl of Gold Seal Transmissions in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey are offering a few tips to make your car safer.

1. Check fluids

Top off the windshield wiper fluid, and leave an extra container in the trunk. Also remember to check your oil, so your engine doesn't seize up.

2. Wipers

Prevent wiper blades from freezing to the glass by popping them forward.

3. Tire pressure

Check to make sure all four tires have equal pressure. If the pressure in one is off, controlling the car gets harder.

4. Emergency kit

In case you get stuck in a snowbank, have something on hand along with essentials like a blanket, shovel, food and water.

5. Cat litter

To help you get unstuck, fill a gallon baggie with cat litter. The clay particles give good grip and won't melt.

6. If you get stuck...

Rock the car gently, going forward and reverse braking to stop the wheels from spinning. If you hit the gas violently, you can damage your car's transmission.

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