Florida mom who fought off armed carjackers speaks out

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Diana Williams has the story of a Florida mom who fought off two armed men who allegedly tried to steal her car with her kids inside.

It was a routine trip to the gas station that suddenly turning into a heroic moment for a Florida mom.

Angie Padron fought off two armed men as they allegedly tried to steal her car with her children inside the vehicle.

"I was yelling at him 'my kids are in the car. Don't get in the car,'" she said. "And he got in anyway."

The very protective mom was travelling to Miami with her 1-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son when she stopped to get gas.

While at the pump, police say two men, Juan Carlos Gonzalez and Nicholas Rosado, tried to carjack her.

That's when Padron sprang into action. She sprinted around to the driver's side door, diving into the car after one of the men.

She then pulled him out of the vehicle and stripped off his mask. The two would-be carjackers ran away, fleeing in a getaway car.

Angie's son Evan saw it all from the backseat.

"My mom was yelling at him, saying 'get out of the car. Get out of the car right now,'" he said.

The suspects were spotted by police less than a mile away from the gas station.

Authorities arrested the two men and their alleged getaway driver, Rebecca Utria.

The trio are now facing charges for attempted armed carjacking and eluding police.

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