New Jersey drivers taking desperate measures to save their shoveled out parking spots

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Toni Yates has a look at how far some New Jersey drivers are willing to go to save their precious shoveled out parking spots.

Street parking can often be hard to find, especially after a snow storm.

Drivers who have spent hours digging out their cars have taken some desperate measures to save their spots.

We spent the afternoon driving though Garfield, Lodi and Hackensack, taking a tour of all the 'Don't park in my shoveled out spot' savers that people are using.

It's what people do in areas where parking is at a premium, especially when you've dug out after a storm.

Chairs, ironing boards, we saw trash cans the most, and not placed out for trash day.

While police and public works departments know what's going on, you're really not supposed to do it, but..

"We understand they want to protect after they did all that work. but you should not be placing things out," said Darren Sucorowski of the Garfield Police Department. "However a lot of people worked hard to shovel out and others should be respectful."

So yes, people are shoveling and protecting, but then you have neighbors like the ones on Berdan Place here in Hackensack.

They cleared their own driveway, and then shoveled out cars parked along the curb up and down the street.

"That's a lot of work," we said to neighbor Ryan Josey. "It's a lot of sweating, a lot of drinking water, it's a lot of work," he said.

"But you must have felt good about it", we asked. "Oh yeah I felt really good about it," Ryan said.

Police in Lodi issued an advisory to residents:
"Residents are reminded that it is illegal to place any object in the roadway to reserve a parking space. While the amount of snow that has fallen was significant and is causing parking issues, the roadway is public and cannot be reserved for any individual.
Placing of objects in the roadway is illegal and is subject to removal and/or fine. "

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