12 cars shot up by BB gun in Clarkstown

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AJ Ross reports from Clarkstown. (WABC)

Police in Rockland County are trying to find the suspect that shot up several cars with a BB gun.

A dozen cars were shot up and damaged in one night, and Clarkstown police say this is more than mischief, it's a crime.

One car is missing a window and others in the area also now need repairs.

"I got woken up by a detective around 7 in the morning," said David Stoddard, a car damage victim.

It was an alarming wake up call for David Stoddard early Monday morning when officers showed up to his home to ask about overnight damage to his Pontiac G5.

"Came outside to a big hole in my window and on top of that catching a cold so it wasn't quite my day," Stoddard said.

Stoddard says he was shocked to find the front driver's side window of completely shattered and closer inspection the damage seemed to be the result of not gunfire but BB gun pellets.

"The break was just shattered glass everywhere," Stoddard said. "I really couldn't believe it it's very quiet you know quaint area and all I see is people walking by, and the day after I had a bunch of concerned neighbors asking me what happened."

According to Clarkstown police, Stoddard's wasn't the only car used for random target practice. In fact, nearly a dozen cars were discovered in the path of destruction near Sedge Road and Ridge Road in Valley Cottage and each were hit sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

"Our officers have been investigating as well as our detective bureau and we're trying to get information in regards to who may have caused these acts of vandalism to the 12 vehicles," said Peter Walker, Clarkstown Police Information Officer.

From small cracks in the paint to shattered windows and windshields the damage to the cars is both costly and concerning.

Fortunately, nothing was stolen from the vehicles, but police are now asking anyone who may have seen someone or something out of place to give them a call and they're also hoping anyone with surveillance video in the area will step forward.

"Pretty hard to believe as you look around not quite the area you think it would happen," Stoddard said.

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