12-year-old wounded after bullet enters window of friend's home in Elizabeth

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Josh Einiger has the story from Elizabeth. (WABC)

On Sunday Night, Marc Allen was in his mother's arms after finding himself caught in a hail of bullets meant for someone else.

"I ran all the way to the back of the house and I stayed there until it was over," says Marc.

Marc had spent the weekend at a friend's house in Elizabeth. Around 4 on Sunday afternoon, he happened to be looking out the front window when three men walked up the driveway, and one of them opened fire on the house.

"Markie just got hit with the crossfire," said Marc's cousin, Keith Frazier, "I don't know - he didn't realize he got shot until after."

Police have said little about a motive, but the people who live in the house believe the root of the violence was a fight between two women over a man. The house is now pockmarked with bullet holes.

Family members say one of the bullets ricocheted off the ceiling and grazed Marc in the shoulder. Marc didn't even realize he looked in the mirror.

"A girl fight? You gonna take out a 12-year-old over a girl fight? I mean, It's so petty," said Christina Jeatter.

Now Marc has quite a story to tell to his friends, after his brush with death and his amazing luck.

"I feel happy that I am still alive, and that it didn't hit me anywhere that I would probably die," says Marc.

Elizabeth Police have not released any information on a motive, or a description of the suspect.

Marc's mother tells Eyewitness News that is the last time she ever lets him go to that house again.
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