Animals come to life on big screen in 'Zootopia'

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Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon has the details.

Animals are coming to life on the big screen, and they're dealing with some very human issues.

'Officer Hopps' gives tickets with startling speed, before she is given the tougher task of trying to figure out why citizens of 'Zootopia' have been disappearing.

The land is divided into different zones with different climates, helping keep the land harmonious, until the kidnappings upset what turns out to be a fragile peace.

Now, animals who have been hunted throughout history, want to get rid of the hunters by pinning the crimes on them, which gives kids a useful lesson on tolerance.

Much like the classic satire 'Animal Farm', this movie is an allegory that uses predators and prey to comment on the human condition. However, 'Zootopia' is also a lot of fun, and so full of colorful action. Young children can enjoy the movie alongside their parents.

'Zootopia' is from Disney, owned by the same parent company as WABC-TV.

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