2 men arrested in separate incidents for taking knives out on subway rides

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Jim Dolan has the story. (Mariah Ebony)

Two men were found with knives on crowded trains in separate incidents in New York City.

Friday afternoon, NYPD officers went underground urging riders to say something if they see something.

Can you imagine being on the train as a crazed man is wielding a knife?

These are the incidents that have been happening far too often.

In those two incidents that happened Thursday, fortunately no one was hurt, but now the NYPD is stepping up efforts and handing out flyers to make sure people remain vigilant.

We heard the overhead speakers making a really weird announcement. I've never heard them. 'Police, please respond. Police, please respond,'" said Mariah Ebony, a commuter.

Before you know it, Mariah Ebony who was waiting for the Q train in Brooklyn, saw the train pull in and immediately pulled out her phone when she saw him.

"There's a man just standing there with a knife out, just standing there," Ebony said.

He was holding the knife in his hand with his arms to his side.

Ebony continued filming as he then walked through the car passing people with the knife still in his hand.

"What got to me most is that all the people that were sitting on the train were ignoring him. They were trying to do the whole consummate New Yorker thing where you just block it out, but he was literally menacing people with a blade," Ebony said.

31-year-old Ysaac Paul was arrested and faces several charges.

Being on alert is exactly the reason why the NYPD was out Friday handing out flyers to subway riders.

"We are concentrating more cops up in this patrol in the precincts. They're coming down, handing out prime prevention literature, crime prevention literature engaging the public," said Asst. Chief Vincent Coogan, NYPD.

There were cheers for police as another man threatening passengers was quickly arrested.

Straphangers say these recent incidents have changed the way they ride the subway.

"I have been just more aware of my surroundings because yeah, that is a tendency to be checked out in this city and that's not the best strategy for staying safe," a commuter said.

"You need to take off your headphones and be more alert about your whereabouts," another commuter said.

It is really important advice to heed. Remain alert while you are on the subway. Now the NYPD is going to be conducting these kinds of operations all throughout March just to make sure people are aware of what is going on and they plan to be doing it all throughout the month and in many different transit hubs.

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