Cold weather tips, advice for running in 2016 United Airlines NYC Half

It may be the first day of spring, but it still feels like winter out here this morning-cold and a bit windy. That's quite a contrast to the weather most of these runners have been training in for the past few weeks here in New York City!

New York Road Runners has been advising all the runners-and the volunteers-out here today to make sure they prepare for cold and possibly windy weather, so they have a safe and healthy race at the United Airlines NYC Half.

NYRR's medical director, Dr. Stuart Weiss, reminds everyone to follow the guidelines below. For more details, visit

-Layer up! Put on several light layers that you can take off as your body warms up. The runners can deposit extra layers in Goodwill bins in the start corrals before they run.

-Go with synthetics. Technical fabrics are light, warm, and moisture-wicking to keep skin dry. Try a tech long-sleeve top under a light jacket, and tights. Save your cotton apparel for after the run.

-Cover your head, hands, and neck. The body loses heat when these areas are exposed.

-Protect face with moisturizer and lips with petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare and wind.

-Slow down if you need to. Cold can make muscles contract-you may feel stiff and slow. Go at a relaxed pace in the early miles until your body warms up.

-Have someone meet you at the finish. You'll sweat-even on a cold day-and a change of warm, dry clothes will feel great after your run.
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