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New way to navigate NYC streets unveiled at New York Auto Show

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Tim Fleischer is at the New York International Auto Show with the story of a new mobility concept car.

The New York International Auto Show revs up Friday.

It's a place for carmakers to showcase the industry's latest advancements.

Drive a new mobility concept car into the future and it will take you down New York City streets like you've never experienced.

"It's got a lot of fun and pep to it as well," said Future Lab executive director Rachel Nguyen.

This street legal concept, all electric, is being tested by Nissan's Future Lab.

"To see how it can really help people who live in dense urban cities like New York, really for their short distances and last mile kind of commutes," said Nguyen.

And in a city where daily traffic congestion challenges even the best driving skills, and where parking on clogged side streets leaves you with very little room, this mobility concept just may be the ticket.

Adapted from a Renault Twizy already being used on streets in the UK and France, the Nissan car has a range of 40 miles on a three hour charge.

In San Franciso, it's being tested as a shared services car, where you might rent it for an hour or a full day.

"A lot of its use is about recreational, a fun way of getting around the city, you have a friend in town. But we are also starting to evaluate how they start to move it into their everyday modes of transportation," said Nguyen.

At about 1,000 pounds and street legal, it comes with a number of safety features.

"It has a tubular frame and chassis so it helps to protect the inside passenger," Nguyen said. "And it has an airbag."

And off we went. It handled really well. The passenger, Rachel Nguyen, sat behind me as I drove.

"It works for an extra person. It's not for a long distance," she said. And it gets its share of second looks and stares.

"I can easily see using this car to get to a train station," I said.

Moving into Columbus Circle, this car could definitely hold its own. I don't necessarily think it's the next Uber car but it does drive nice, I must admit.

The new mobility concept, whatever they may call it, clearly will meet a mobile purpose as we drive into the future.

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