Sandy Kenyon review: 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2'

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Sandy Kenyon has the rreview. (WABC)

The single virtue of the sequel "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" is that it is short.

That means I didn't waste too much of my life watching it, but the picture is so bad, I just about died of embarrassment when I wasn't cringing at the caricatures.

It would have been the perfect movie to attend with your grandparents if it was any good, which it isn't. I cannot recommend it to anyone - and certainly not to anyone below the age of 75.

The grandparents are the focus of the film, based on a preposterous premise: that their marriage was never legal, which is why a second big, fat, Greek wedding can occur.

This allows plenty of room for plenty of stereotypes about Greek Americans.

Writer and star Nia Vardalos waited 14 years to make a sequel to her sleeper hit, then turned her back on what made her first film so special.

The great chemistry between Vardalos and John Corbett remains. The years have been kind to both of them. they look fantastic and their characters' issues are those faced by many couples after many years of marriage.

With their daughter about to leave home for college, there's a good movie to be made from their situation, but her script went elsewhere -- to the family for cheap laughs.

A date movie this is not! Everyone tries so hard and it seems almost wrong to be so unkind, but ultimately I got so bored watching the movie.

And I was so tired of wringing my hands over what might have been, that I have to say, stay away!

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