Bernie Sanders holds huge rally in Bronx, Hillary Clinton speaks in Purchase

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Dave Evans has the story.

Both Democrats in the presidential race held rallies in New York City Thursday.

Hillary Clinton spoke in Westchester County and on a wave of momentum, Bernie Sanders brought his message to the Bronx, calling for a revolution, a campaign against the establishment.

"This is a campaign 'of the people, by the people, for the people," Sen. Sanders said.

The latest polling shows Hillary Clinton with a comfortable 12 point lead in New York.

That vote takes place in almost three weeks. That's plenty of time, Sanders says, to catch up.

"And if we win here in New York we are going to make it to the White House," Sanders said.

In an interview earlier Sanders said, "What happens is Hillary Clinton has the huge lead and come Election Day it shrinks."

Earlier Thursday, Eyewitness News talked one-on-one with Sanders.

He blasted Hillary Clinton, calling her vote for the war in Iraq a terrible foreign policy decision, and he blamed her for the rise of ISIS in places like Libya.

"Hillary Clinton and I look at the world differently in terms of foreign policy," Sanders said.

"Was she a good Secretary of State?" Eyewitness News asked.

"In some respects she was and in some she wasn't, she helped engineer the overthrow of Kaddafi in Libya," Sanders said.

Sanders comes to New York right as Hillary Clinton enjoys a three day home state swing, she did face Sanders' protesters in Purchase Thursday, but Clinton seized the chance to remind everyone, she's still the frontrunner.

"Wait before can I just say this? As they're leaving I want to say I have earned 9 million votes in this election already! I have 1 million more votes than Donald Trump! And I have 2.5 million more votes than Bernie Sanders!" Clinton said.

Bernie Sanders promises he'll be back to New York a lot between now and the primary on April 19th.

He now says not only will he do well in the election; he's predicting he'll actually beat Hillary Clinton in New York.

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