Growing concerns over new flight paths out of Teterboro Airport

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Sandra Bookman is at Teterboro Airport with the details

There is growing concern over changes proposed for Teterboro Airport's flight patterns, which could have jets flying over half a dozen schools and a hospital.

Teterboro is one of the busiest non-commercial airports in the world and an important contributor to the area economy, but all that air traffic means it's not necessarily considered a good neighbor.

"I'm very well aware of it because it's constant," Paramus resident Rusty Goldberg said.

Now, the FAA has launched a new flight path it says provides noise relief for the Hackensack University Medical Center area, which sits about a mile and a half away from the airport. But critics argue the move ignores the concerns of those who live and work along the new path, with jet traffic now veering west, roughly following densely-populated Route 17.

"There are about four hospitals along Route 17, numerous schools and high schools that are very, very close proximity to 17," Mahwah Mayor Bill Lafloret said. "They're all going be affected."

One of the schools is Midland Elementary, but where many parents said they are not overly concerned about the new flight path making much of a difference for students.

The FAA insists it is a six-month test run and that the agency will then use the results of a noise analysis and environmental review to determine if the trial flight path becomes permanent.

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