Sandy Kenyon reviews Melissa McCarthy comedy 'The Boss'

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Watch Sandy Kenyon's review of 'The Boss.'

Melissa McCarthy has headlined a string of box office hits, and now, she's back in theaters starrring in her latest film "The Boss."

The best bits are confined to the trailer, but McCarthy's star glows a bit brighter with every movie. And really, who cares about the slings and arrows of critics when you're making such an outrageous fortune?

McCarthy's character is rich, but then she gets arrested for insider trading, is convicted and heads to prison, where she gets bad news from her lawyer and loyal assistant that she is now bankrupt.

Down and out, she has no choice to bunk with her former assistant, a single mom played by Kristen Bell.

"Michelle" finds her way back to the top and runs through a Girl Scouts-like organization, selling not cookies but "brownies."

Kathy Bates' character funds her, and Peter Dinklage has some fun opposing her. But their parts are minor, and at the core of "The Boss" are ladies with a lot of heart.

Precious few stars can carry a movie, but McCarthy has earned the right to have her name above the title. And while "The Boss" is not funny enough often enough to fully recommend, watching her will be reward enough for her millions of fans.

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