Family of gun violence victims protest Bernie Sanders in New York City

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Stacey Sager reports from Brooklyn.

Senator Bernie Sanders has quieted the controversy over whether he thinks Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president, but his stance about guns, in a city decidedly anti-gun, is still causing him political problems.

"It's been four years since someone murdered my 14-year-old son," said Natasha Christopher, the victim's mother.

Natasha has been outspoken about gun violence ever since 2012, when her son Akeel died on his 15th birthday, after he was shot in Bushwick with an illegal gun.

"Mr. Bernie, I will not vote for you," Christopher said.

So from City Hall to Sanders' Brooklyn Headquarters Friday, people were speaking out and hoping to be a thorn in the Sanders campaign, which touts itself as progressive on so many levels, but not on gun laws.

According to these families, including those whose loved ones were killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, they want to see change.

"Our families want the marketers, distributors and sellers of the AR15 held accountable for what happened at Sandy Hook," said Jillian Soto, the sister of a Sandy Hook victim.

It's the weapon they say is marketed time and time again to violent mass murderers.

Friday, Sanders on "The View" defended his stance. He says it is unfair to hold gun manufacturers legally responsible for any mass shooting.

"I come from a small state. She goes out, she shoots three people. Should you be held liable for selling her that gun legally?" Sanders said.

He has insisted, he's in favor of background checks and closing loopholes, but critics say he voted against the Brady Bill time and time again.

Relatives of victims say Sanders has yet to even answer their requests for a meeting, and that they're not going away.

"I have been asked time and time again why am I politicizing my mother's death. My response? Why would you not politicize something that kills 30,000+ Americans every single year," said Erica Lafferty Smegielski, daughter of a Sandy Hook victim.

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