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Disturbing video of verbal and physical attack on transgender woman on Harlem subway

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Josh Einiger has the exclusive story.

There is disturbing video of a transgender woman getting attacked on a subway train in Harlem.

"You ain't nobody. You a *expletive* homo," the female assailant said.

It was a vicious verbal assault.

"Gay *expletive* in some *expletive* women's products and whatnot," she continued

It was an unprovoked diatribe of hate on a loaded subway car.

"Who are you really under all that makeup? Where'd you come from? Are you the emperor of China?" the woman said.

An avalanche of slurs was directed at Pearl Love.

"You don't even know me! And you judge me!" Love said.

She's a transgender woman who was getting on the 4 train to go to work last Thursday. "She don't know me, I don't know her, whatever, but she needs to learn a lot," Love said.

"I mean, do you do this on the weekends or is this an everyday event for you?" the assailant said.

As a matter of fact, it is. Love says something like this happens nearly every day; she just never recorded it before.

Since she posted it on YouTube, it's been viewed nearly 80,000 times.

"This violence is a symptom of a serious problem in this world," said Cristina Herrera, of "Trans Bodies."

Herrera runs a transgender advocacy center where love happens to work. She said her community is a constant target. There have been 10 bias-related homicides nationwide just this year, she said. "Every day we choose to live our life authentically, we don't know if we're going to come back home safe," Herrera said.

Right now, there's no investigation because Love has yet to file a police report.

She said she's not sure if she will. Love is just happy people can have a glimpse of the world through her eyes, a world where on a jam-packed train, not a soul came to defend her.

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