New exhibit 'Night and Day' features photography taken to new height

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Lauren Glassberg has the story of a photographer finding vantage points high above Manhattan. (Lucinda Grange)

A new art exhibit opening this week features a photographer who makes her living finding vantage points that most of us would not be brave enough to explore.

"As a child, I was very much a tomboy," said Lucinda Grange, a photographer.

Even at 27, Grange loves climbing like she did as a kid, and when it comes to her photography, the higher the better.

"It just feels great, it feels almost liberating," Grange said.

Up above it all, where most people wouldn't venture, she finds peace and art.

"I've got three points of contact so I feel solid enough to be taking photos without worrying about it," Grange said.

Sometimes she's after the view, other times she is the subject. One picture shows her on the Chrysler Building with no harness and no wires.

"I really enjoy seeing the unseen, there are all these place that have amazing views that people don't get to see," Grange said.

She creates self-portraits or images of other women in places you wouldn't expect to see them.

"It's nice to show that in the images, even things that seem masculine can be done by feminine women," Grange said.

It's that contrast that appeals to Lynzy Blair who is curating the "Night and Day" exhibit at the Joseph Gross Gallery.

Often Grange gets permission to shoot in these spots but sometimes she trespasses. She knows it's illegal but she's willing to take the risk for her work.

"I love photography, I love the environment, you don't see a lot of people that are willing to put themselves on the line for something," Blair said.

So she'll keep climbing with her camera in tow.

"Definitely there's adrenaline involved, it adds into the level of achievement, going to somewhere you shouldn't have been," Grange said.

Her prints sell from $1,000 to $4,200.

Click here for more information about the exhibit, which runs from July 14 to August 27 in Manhattan

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