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EXCLUSIVE: 'Black Lives Matter' spray painted on Bay Shore FD fence

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Carolina Leid reports from Bay Shore.

Firefighters on Long Island are puzzled after they found graffiti spray painted on their fire station fence.

"Black Lives Matter" was painted next to a sign that says "we support law enforcement."

Surveillance video shows the suspect rolling up on a bicycle with a can of spray paint, ready to graffiti the Bay Shore Fire Department.

He doesn't pay much attention to the two cameras pointing in his direction as he writes "Black Lives Matter" on a vinyl fence Tuesday night.

"This is a great neighborhood, it's very diverse. Everybody gets along so well. It was a shock to see this happen here," said Chief John Ippolito, Jr., Bay Shore Volunteer Fire Department.

Fire Chief Ippolito says he's not sure why someone would do this.

Maybe because of the messages they have on their digital board supporting police officers and military personnel, really it's no excuse for vandalism.

"For someone to come out here, I consider it an attack on us. It's hard it's hurtful to the membership and to the community. We have a very good relationship with the community," Chief Ippolito said.

Police are on the case but so far no arrests have been made.

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