What the Trump Tower climber used to scale the building; ESU describes capture

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Tim Fleischer has the latest details.

That daring man's climb up the side of Trump Tower Wednesday put lives in danger, including the climber, and first responders were sent in to bring it to a close.

With nowhere to out maneuver police, which the climber had tried to do for three hours clinging to the side of Trump Tower; he was finally pulled into custody.

"You felt confident you could bring this to a successful close?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Oh yes," said Det. Christopher Williams, NYPD ESU.

Detective Williams and his partner, Officer David Walker, first encountered 19-year-old Stephen Rogata on the catwalk. He then started moving up.

He had climbing apparatus, including industrial grade suction cups and commonly found climbing gear, which enabled him to make it to the 21st floor and heading to the top.

"He was probably looking at another six to eight hours. This type of climbing is known to be incredibly slow," said Grayson Schaffer, Editor-at-Large, Outdoor Magazine.

PHOTOS: Man climbs Trump Tower with suction cups

He was slow enough for NYPD ESU officers to establish a plan, and to make sure they wouldn't endanger their own lives.

"That gave us the advantage of actually developing a plan and then putting a lot of equipment and a lot of systems in place," said Deputy Chief Vincent Giordana, Commanding Officer ESU, NYPD.

Rogata had a head start with about $600 worth of gear.

Outside Online spotlighted several pieces.

First four suction cup lifters that suction to the glass via a hand pump in the handle, plus one spare.

They saw him wearing special climbing shoes with ultra-sticky rubber outer soles.

They believe he wore a special harness used for alpine climbing, and a device that cinches a rope to keep him from sliding downward.

He clearly had some climbing experience.

"He's using his legs which is good. But at that point being so high up I can see he's getting tired," Det. Williams said.

"Until I make them safe we can't move forward," said Det. Peter Quinn, ESU Truck One.

Detective Quinn now turns to an array of tools to anchor the rescue team once the windows on the 21st floor had been removed.

"We need that part of the building that isn't going anywhere if someone falls," Det. Quinn said.

Finally cornering Rogata and getting him close enough, Detective Williams made his move.

"As I pulled him forward, my partner then also reached over and put a hand on him and helped me bring him inside," Det. Williams said.

"As soon as I had the opportunity I just grabbed ahold," said Officer David Walker, NYPD.

They knew this would end successfully.

"Trust my crew, and my supervisors with my life," Det. Williams said.

"Yesterday was a perfect example of that, the training, the subject matter expertise of ESU in conducting this type of operation really shined yesterday," Deputy Chief Giordano said.

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