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Operation Chill: Police in Freeport ticketing kids -- with free Slurpees

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Lauren Glassberg has the story of 'Operation Chill', where police are handing out coupons for a sweet treat.

It's the kind of ticket you would be happy to get. Instead of handing out fines, police in one Long Island town are surprising kids with coupons for a sweet treat.

It's all part of Operation Chill, a partnership between the Freeport Police Department and 7-Eleven to reward children who make a positive contribution to their community.

Officers are handing out tickets, but not for illegal behavior. Instead, they're for good works like picking up the trash.

Operation Chill has been around since 1995, and 7-Eleven has provided more than 14 million Slurpee coupons to departments across the nation over that span.

It began in Philadelphia with the goal of fostering positive interaction between law enforcement and teens, and in 2016, up to 1.28 million coupons will be issued nationally to more than 940 agencies.

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