Many turn to the pros to battle shampoo-resistant super lice

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Michelle Charlesworth has the latest details.

Many children head back to school this week, and one thing families have to worry about is lice. Treatments can be costly, and there is now super lice that is resistant to over-the-counter treatments.

So how do you protect your kids?

"This is definitely prime time," said Anna Albano-Krosche, the self-titled lice lady of Westchester. "So heads up, everybody."

Heads up and heads away, as in don't touch anyone else's. Lice cannot jump, but all the bugs need is a moment of contact.

But anyone with hair, especially long hair, can get lice. And kids with lice will not be allowed back in most schools.

"We try everything over the counter and in the pharmacy," mom Pebbers Goncalves said. "Everything, and nothing works."

Experts say that is because lice have mutated and are harder to kill with pesticide shampoos. Goncalves and her kids had to go to the pros, a place in Elmsford where you can pay to get rid of the lice. It can take up to two hours, and most places charge $100-$250 per person. For a parent and some kids, that adds up.

The good news is there is one tried and true way to get rid of them, the bugs and eggs, which is what you have to do. The special comb made by a lot of companies, and it averages around $20.

"We put the conditioner and the combing solution on, and we comb it through with the professional nit comb," Albano-Krosche said. "It doesn't hurt. It actually feels kind of good if you've been itchy. And we comb it until we're satisfied we got it all out."

Like most pros, she says a stainless steel nit comb and heavy conditioner is the only thing that will get out all the lice and eggs. Others also suggest Crisco, but if you don't comb out the eggs with the special comb, they'll hatch two weeks later, putting you back at square one.

"We like to say here, 'no hugs, no bugs,'" Albano-Krosche said. "Also, the world of selfies, we've seen it so much more in teenagers now."

Experts suggest girls wear braids, not touch heads, and never share brushes.

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