Extreme heat prompts some New Jersey schools to close early

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Toni Yates reports.

Hazy, hot and humid conditions and possibly record-breaking temperatures caused some schools to close early Friday.

In New Jersey, Keyport and Sayreville public schools had early dismissals due to high temperatures.

Many classrooms do not have air conditioning, and even for those that do, it can be tough to get the cool enough to be comfortable.

"Our buildings did not have a chance to cool off overnight," Sayreville superintendent Dr. Richard Labbe said. "In fact, I received an email from a high school teacher who said that when they got in the building this morning at about 6:15, the temperatures were already about 89 to 90 degrees in the building. So we feel that, as always, the safety of our children and our staff is our highest priority. And we felt that making this decision to release our students early, before the temperatures rise well above, probably, 100 degrees on the second floors of our buildings, was the most prudent decision that we could make."

Trenton schools also closed early because of the heat. Middle schools dismissed at 12:45 p.m., while high schools dismissed at 12:30 p.m.

Students in New Brunswick's three elementary schools also went home early, because their schools do not have air conditioning.

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