FBI investigated car severely damaged by Chelsea explosion

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Jim Dolan has the latest from the East Side.

The FBI investigated a car that may have been severely damaged by the Chelsea explosion.

The driver was apparently driving down 23rd Street when the bomb exploded. The explosion blew a hole in the side of his car, and blew out the rear driver's side window.

ATF and the NYPD were all over the car Sunday. The driver told Eyewitness News that he was working Saturday night and had just picked up three women. He was driving on 23rd Street with them when suddenly there was a thunderous explosion

"After I picked them up and started driving to 23rd Street as it was exploding on the other side of the cross street," said the driver.

They drove away from that scene, called 911 and police told them to abandon the car on Madison Avenue at 39th Street. That is where police found the car Sunday and started working on it, hoping they can find some clues.

Police later towed the vehicle away.

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