Ex-teacher at Newtown school accused of having gun could have clean record eventually

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Marcus Solis reports on the former teacher accused of bringing a gun to a Newtown school. (Mugshot: Newtown Police Department / School photo: Google Maps)

A former Newtown teacher who brought a loaded gun into school says his client purchased the weapon after receiving threatening messages from conspiracy theorists claiming the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre never occurred, his attorney said Thursday.

The ex-teacher may have a clean record in a matter of months following his court appearance on Thursday morning.

Thursday, the former teacher admitted the gun he carried with him to school was for protection, for himself and his family.

Jason Adams had begun carrying his licensed handgun on his way to and from work as a science teacher at Newtown Middle School, leaving it locked his car during the day.
But the 46-year-old was arrested in April when he was running late and forgot to leave the gun behind.

A security guard noticed the loaded firearm as Adams entered the building.

"As I told the court, he's a great guy, good teacher, devoted, good family man, done right by everybody," said John Maxwell, defense attorney.

Adams' son was among the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School the day 20 first graders were killed in 2012. The boy was not hurt.

In the time since, Adams' wife admits she debated with conspiracy theorists online, people who claim the entire incident never took place.

The family says one online poster in particular made a series of threats.

"I'd move if I were you, you don't want me anywhere near your town, I'm bad for people's health, those are the types of threats that prompted him to renew his pistol permit," Maxwell said.

"It was serious, because the gentleman was in close proximity to New York's border," said Gina Caallaro, a former colleague.

Cavallaro is a retired teacher who came in support of her former colleague.

She watched as Adams was sentenced to accelerated rehabilitation, a program that could lead to charges being dismissed.

A judge agreed that there was no intent to harm anyone, and that Adams is unlikely to reoffend.

"Jason cared about everybody else. He would do anything to help out a fellow teacher, a student, the kids loved him," Cavallaro said.
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