Police pursuit leads to wild crash in Newark, arrests made

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CeFaan Kim reports

A police pursuit following a carjacking in Newark led to an SUV crashing onto a home's front lawn.

Police say two suspects, both teenagers, allegedly stole an SUV from Hillside Friday morning.

Two unmarked police vehicles spotted the SUV and started following it. That's when it crashed into at least four other vehicles.

They say a baby was pulled from a coupe involved in the crash, although they say that baby looked to be unharmed.

The crash happened at the corner of Bergen Street and Pomona Avenue.

According to witnesses, several people were rushed away to the hospital, the most seriously injured were the suspects.

They say there was a big loud boom; they heard glass shattering, followed by lots of sirens.

"They had the baby in their arm. The baby looked good. The baby looked well. The others, I don't really know. I saw them put someone on a stretcher. I think it was one of the people that they were chasing," said Pam Collier, a witness.

"I just saw cops. I think it was two or three cops aiming at the car. I didn't see anybody in the car or around the car," said Quashon Johnson, a witness.

"You mean when they were aiming at it, with their weapons drawn?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yes," Johnson said.

There was two other vehicles banged up in this, but residents say that at least one car was parked and had no one in it.

The Essex County Prosecutors Office is now handling the investigation.

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