7 On Your Side investigation jump starts federal probe of bargain airline

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7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has the story.

Janine Holmes says she feels duped by Dynamic International Airways. She and fellow traveler, Edwin Jimenez are just 2 more voices in a chorus of dozens, customers crying for help because embattled bargain airline, Dynamic International Airways abruptly canceled their flights sometimes only hours before take off.

Edwin saved for 6 years to take his family on vacation. He wound up spending $1,400 re-booking 4 tickets on a different airline to salvage their trip when Dynamic dumped the Punta Cana route after he purchased the round trip fares from JFK.

Janine is hurting too. She was unwilling to spend thousands on last minute airfare, so she had to tell her kids their whole vacation was cancelled. And when she calls Dynamic? She hears either a busy signal or an automated recording that says her call can't be completed at this time.

She was the 18th 7 On Your Side viewer who complained to us. so we took her frustration to Anthony Foxx, the head of the airline industry watch-dog, the United States Department of Transportation.

When we asked what ramifications he thinks this airline should face? Foxx said, "I'm aware of the situation and we're monitoring it."

Back in March the DOT clipped Dynamic's wings, fining it $200,000. So far, the airline has paid $50,000 of the fine as part of a payment plan agreed to in the settlement.

And while the airline's paying off itss penalty on schedule, it admitted no wrongdoing. But the consent order identified a dozen violations for practices by the airline, that the DOT called "unfair and deceptive."

But the DOT penalties don't put refund checks in the pockets of jilted customers. New York Senator Chuck Schumer wants to change that.

"They're outrageous. I've never seen an airline as bad as this we should turn then upside down and shake every nickel out. I think passengers should be reimbursed before the heads of the airline get paid their salaries, find whatever we can legally to get their money back or they shouldn't fly," said Senator Schumer.

Dynamic Airways didn't return our calls for comment.

The big takeaway, the law is when your flight is canceled the carrier must give a refund in 14 days.

If you don't get it - ask your credit card company for a refund. Good news, our latest victims got temporary credits outside of the 60 day window.

Another recourse route: complain to the D.O.T. The agency says it's getting refunds for air travelers.

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