Help For Family Caregivers Is Here!

Help For Family Caregivers Is Here!

Nearly 4.5 million people in the tri-state area are caring for a parent, spouse or other loved one, helping them to live independently at home and in the community. These family caregivers have a huge responsibility, and now new laws in the tri-state area will make life a little easier for them.

Known as the CARE Act, these laws support family caregivers when their loved ones go into the hospital and as they transition home. They give caregivers the right to:

  • BE DESIGNATED as a caregiver in their loved-one's medical record
  • BE NOTIFIED when their loved-one is discharged or transferred to another facility
  • BE TRAINED by a hospital professional on medical tasks that need to be performed at home

AARP went to work with the state governments and other supporters to make the CARE Act a reality in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, because supporting caregivers is a top priority for all of us.

To learn more about the CARE Act and caregiving resources available in your state, click on the links below:
New York
New Jersey

Share your story: AARP believes family caregivers like you aren't celebrated or supported nearly enough. Thanks to you, older parents, spouses and other loved one can remain in their homes. Sharing your story can make a difference. Speak out and help us fight for more support for family caregivers in your state.
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learn more about the effort to help those who care for loved ones.

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