Holiday recipes: Lori Stokes' GG's favorite

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See how Lori Stoke makes her GG's favorite.

Lori Stokes' holiday recipe is GG's favorite. See the recipe below.

- Two drumsticks with thigh
- 1 1/2 leek stalks
- Ceres 100 percent peach juice
- Del Monte (no sugar added) sliced peaches
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Chimay Butter Unsalted (or any unsalted butter)
- Fresh lemon
- Salt
- Pepper
- Fresh mint

1. Wash and pat dry chicken (salt and pepper)
2. Wash and split leek stalks down the middle and slice thinly. Include white/light and dark green parts (they will be tenderized)
3. Two Tablespoons oil and pats of butter in either frying pan or skillet
4. Over medium high heat brown both sides of chicken
5. Once brown pour juice from peaches and half cup of peach juice and add leeks in frying pan let it boil for one minute
6. Spritz half a lemon over pan
7. Bring to a simmer for two minutes while covered
8. Then Pour in half can of peaches
9. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes
10. Turn chicken over and increase heat until most of the liquid and fruit is reduced (uncovered)
11. Continue to brown the entire dish
12. Garnish with fresh mint

Check out the video above to see how Lori makes her GG's favorite.

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