Bobcat attacks woman, scratches 2 others in Connecticut

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Ken Rosato reports on a bobcat attack in Connecticut.

Three people are recovering after a frightening animal attack in Connecticut.

The victims were eating lunch when a bobcat launched itself at the group.

"It's scary to think that something like that can happen in broad daylight," area resident Danicee Butcka said.

She has lived next to The Caring Community of Connecticut, a social service provider in Colchester, for the last 23 years. And with a lot of woods nearby, it's not uncommon to see wild animals.

"We've seen bobcats in our backyard and then crossing down the street," she said.

But what's uncommon is what happened Tuesday. About 20 people were eating lunch in a green house around noon, when the bobcat unexpectedly appeared at the back door.

The animal first attacked a backpack, but eyewitnesses say it quickly turned its attention to the people. It lunged and jumped on one woman, and two other women tried to help. All three were scratched.

"To walk in where there's 20 people or so, that's scary that it had no fear of the people at all," Butcka said.

The bobcat eventually started to go back into the woods, but when officers arrived on the scene, the bobcat turned around and got into an aggressive attack stance. An officer then shot and killed the animal.

"I heard what sounded like two or three gunshots and then a pause," Butcka said. "And then another gunshot coming from that area."

Butcka said she'll be more cautious with her family's dog and will be warning neighbors to do the same.

"I think we're going to have to stay outside with her all the time now and make sure that she doesn't get attacked by some other bobcat."

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says it's rare for bobcats to attack people, but when they do, rabies is often the cause.

The bobcat was taken for testing to the state health lab, where it came back positive for rabies.

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