Hundreds rally in Washington Square park to denounce immigration raids across the country

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Candace McCowan has more from Washington Square Park.

Protesters hit the streets again on Saturday - this time against ramped-up efforts from the Trump Administration on immigration.

Hundreds rallied in Washington Square Park to denounce the raids taking place across the country. This time, protesters were taken to the ground and arrested by NYPD. It is the fallout from a protest that began at Washington Square Park. Their chants could be heard from blocks away.

"It is just one fear tactic after another - it's absolutely wrong, and eventually everybody is going to stand up and say so," said Diane Graham.

The message on Saturday was inspired by overnight raids. Dozens rounded up from their homes, arrested in what is being called a 'surge.' The target? Undocumented immigrants with criminal records. Although immigration groups claim the criminal records include those with non-violent felonies like fake social security cards. Homeland Security General John Kelly was there as the raids were carried out.

"If they're being picked up and deported, they're the right people - the men and women of ICE and Homeland Security in general are doing this completely legally," said General Kelly.

However, some say their families are being ripped apart.

"They called me at 7 a.m. to tell me my father is being deported - that he was captured," said Marlene Mosqueda.

While officials will not release the exact numbers of those rounded up until Monday, crowds in Washington Square Park plan on making noise, no matter the cost.

Eyewitness News is checking with NYPD to see how many were arrested in Saturday afternoon's protest. What started out as peaceful ended behind bars for some.

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