Water main breaks again in Hoboken

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Jim Dolan reports from Hoboken.

Another water main break in Hoboken is leaving residents inconvenienced for a second day.

Just as Tuesday's pipe was repaired, another break cropped up, wreaking further havoc on the aging pipe system.

It was pretty loud on Willow Avenue Wednesday night with just one jackhammer.

And then there was a chorus of jackhammers. A cacophony of ear drum splitting and blacktop busting, muddy water splashing that worked its way to numbing crescendo.

If the scene seems familiar, it's because Tuesday, just the day before, workers were on this same street, fishing for the car that had fallen in the massive hole created when a 12-inch water main broke.

They seemed to have it fixed fast, but maybe too fast, because that water main broke again Wednesday night.

It sent a much smaller amount of water onto the street, just a trickle compared to Tuesday's great flood.

But the blacktop that was laid down just the day before had to be broken up all over again.

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