Mayor Bill de Blasio considering crackdown on owners who don't pick up after dogs

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Josh Einiger has more from Astoria.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says that he's considering cracking down on dog owners who leave their dog's dirty duty on the sidewalks to the dismay of their fellow pedestrians.

"Maria from Williamsburg" called into the mayor's WNYC-AM radio show Friday morning.

She suggested the mayor crackdown on dog waste, which is a $250 summons for failing to clean up, as not only a quality of life improvement, but a revenue booster.

"Dog waste is gold for the city. There is an epidemic of dog waste on the sidewalk," Maria said.

She then compared walking on city sidewalks to "dodging dog waste minefields."

Amazingly, Mayor de Blasio agreed to look into beefing up enforcement.

"I think your point about enforcement has a lot of merit. I don't know if it would be parking enforcement agents, or who would make sense, but i think your point is very well taken. That we have to look at new ways of creating consequences for folks who do something that is unfair to their neighbors and unhealthy to all involved," Mayor de Blasio said.

He added that, "If you can't be bothered to clean up after your dog, don't have a dog. Let's be really straight forward."

Mayor Koch created "New York's Poop Scoop Law" more than 30 years ago and Mayor de Blasio admitted that it changed behavior because there were consequences.

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