2 injured after vat of eggnog flavoring explodes in Totowa, New Jersey

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Josh Einiger has the latest developments. (WABC)

An investigation is underway after a vat of eggnog flavoring exploded Saturday night in Totowa, New Jersey, injuring two workers.

The sudden blast ripped through three stories of Pharmachem Laboratories on 15 Adams Drive.

"I felt my house actually shake from the explosion, and that's about a mile away," said Totowa Fire Marshal Allen Del Vecchio.

Pharmachem produces ingredients that flavor foods. Investigators say workers had just gotten started on a new recipe for eggnog when somehow, it ignited.

"There was a big vat that had this product in it," adds Del Vecchio, "what we're trying to determine is what ignited this product and caused the explosion."

Workers, still wearing their hairnets, evacuated the facility after two of them suffered minor injuries. Given the severity of the blast, fire officials say it is amazing that more people were not hurt.

"The whole back of the building was completely blown out, probably half of this building may have to be torn down," said Del Vecchio.
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