2-month-old baby dies in Stamford; homicide investigation underway

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CeFaan Kim reports from Stamford.

A homicide investigation is underway into the death a 2-month-old baby girl in Connecticut, and the proprietor of a day care center is expected to face charges.

Police officials say baby Bella Redondo's family is understandably inconsolable.

The 2-month-old was being watched on the second floor of Stamford home where there is a day care.

The Medical Examiner says the baby died of blunt force trauma to the head.

The question investigators are trying to answer is, was it a result of an intentional strike or a fall due to negligence?
Stamford EMS found 10-week-old Bella unresponsive and not breathing inside the home on Wardwell Avenue.

She was rushed to Stamford Hospital, where she was pronounced dead three hours later.

Police were notified when the hospital discovered evidence of head trauma.

"The baby was being watched at a day care center in the home," said Lieutenant Diedrich Hohn, Stamford Police Department. "We've narrowed it down to three people in the day care that could have the means to do this. We're looking at a fall. We're looking at any mechanism of injury that could have caused this kind of trauma to the skull."
The day care facility began operating last April under the name "Little Bears Beginners".

The owner is licensed by the state and authorized to care for up to six children.

Police say there were three kids in the house at the time.

Both the day care provider and the child's parents are said to be fully cooperating with the investigation.

A neighbor said that the day care operator takes good care of the children.

The man who owns the home lives on the first floor and he says the operator is also shaken by what happened.

"She was crying and I was asking what was wrong," said Eric Hernandez, a neighbor.

"I'm not going to rule out accidental at this point, however some person caused this injury to happen to this baby," Lt. Hohn said.

No charges have been filed yet but they are expected.

The day care is closed pending the investigation.

The Stamford Police Department released a statement saying, "This is the first homicide for the City of Stamford in 2016. It is also a sad day for the family of Bella Redondo and the Stamford Police Department offers our condolences to Bella's family. This is an ongoing investigation and we hope we could assist in bringing closure to the family."
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