FDNY, EMTs reunite with people they saved at 23rd Annual Second Chances Ceremony

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AJ Ross has the latest details.

It was an emotional reunion solidifying a special bond between some of New York's Bravest and the lives they've forever changed.

During the 23rd annual Second Chance Ceremony Wednesday, 11 survivors ranging in age from 2 to 84 were able to reconnect with the men and women who performed critical lifesaving care when they most needed it, literally giving them a second chance at life!

"It's not a job to us it's who we are it's what we do," FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. "They train every day to hone their skills because millions of people are counting on them to be there in minutes when tragedy strikes."

33-year-old Andrene Bowes collapsed and went into cardiac arrest on the subway last July with her 5-year-old son helpless by her side. This was her first time meeting the firefighters and EMTs who helped revive her.

"It's incredible, you don't know how precious life is until you almost don't have it and then knowing that my son almost grew up without his mother is another," Bowes said. "So every day I'm thankful, I pray for these people and I'm so happy that I got to meet them.

"We're thrilled to meet her again under better circumstances and her son who was wonderful and so amazing at the time that we met him the first time," said Lt. Michael DeMarco, FDNY.

Ashley Newman was overwhelmed with tears throughout the ceremony, with her second chance coming after she was discovered with no pulse following a dance rehearsal last May.

"This is a really special opportunity to meet these guys," Newman said.

"We go out there and try to save lives with the training that we got from the department, so we're actually happy, and it's a very rare opportunity that we can actually meet up with our survivors again," said Ming Zewu, FDNY.

11 lives forever changed bound together by those precious lifesaving moment, for many the words "thank you" aren't nearly enough.

They are now living each day more aware and more present.

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