How to keep little swimmers safe this summer

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Kristin Thorne takes a look at pool safety.

As we approach the unofficial start of summer, you may be thinking about opening up the pool for the first time this season.

Eyewitness News visited Goldfish Swim School in Garden City to find out what parents can do to get their little ones ready for fun in the pool this summer.

"You want to develop the behavior of holding your breath, closing your mouth as the water gets poured over so that they develop a comfort level, and then you'll slowly get them engaged into dipping into the water," said Daniel Snyder, Goldfish Swim School. "It's always important to turn around to the wall from where you fell and get right back onto that wall. Kids' natural reaction is to see whatever they see first and swim to and that may be the wall all the way across the pool, so you want to make sure you train that muscle memory to turn around and get right back to the wall."

Daniel Snyder says if your child is a toddler or older, he or she should practice climbing out of the pool and should know how to swim comfortably on his or her back.

"Doggie paddle is a natural reaction, but also is a panic mode. So you want to make sure they can roll over on their back, can breathe and be comfortable and relaxed," Snyder said.

When in doubt put your child in a life vest. Just make sure it's U.S. Coast Guard certified.

Swimming lessons are also a good idea.

Cynthia Lasala of Great Neck has had her son attending Goldfish for the past few months because there's a pool in the complex they live in.

"A lot of times, people leave the gate to the pool open and he could get in and end up in the pool and it would take a minute or two for someone to get to him. So if this buys him a minute or two it's priceless," Lasala said.

And lastly, if you own a pool and are thinking about hosting a pool party beware.

"If you're able to hire a lifeguard that would be a great idea. They're trained and certified for that situation," Snyder said. "Otherwise parents, you're always equipped as long as they're focused and they have that designated time to only be watching the water and won't be distracted by phones or other parents."

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