Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Wonder Woman'

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Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon has 'Wonder Woman' review.

Wonder Woman has been a comic book character and a TV star, but now, the DC superhero is finding a home on the big screen.

The film is supposed to save the summer at the box office, where an "Alien" faltered and "King Arthur" flopped, but Gal Gadot's performance fails to inspire (though other critics disagree).

Audiences first meet Diana as a child on the mythical island of Themyscira and watch as she becomes a warrior trained by a character with a weird accent played by Robin Wright.

This is what's called an "origin story" in comic-book land, and it's a chance to revive a franchise for young people unfamiliar with Linda Carter, who defined the role for an earlier generation.

Gadot lacks her enduring stardom, but she has much more strength. And that's why Diana ends up leaving the all-female island to go fight World War I with Chris Pine's character. Later, he drops from the sky one day and takes her back to London.

Their opponent is a mad scientist who's working to perfect weapons "far deadlier than you can ever imagine."

A movie with an alpha woman at the center guided by female director Patty Jenkins should have made "
"Wonder Woman" a sure bet. But it's not, because there's too much tell and not enough show.

It plays more like an art film than a superhero movie, and there isn't enough action to keep interest.

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