'Downward Dog' star nearly quit acting

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Sandy goes backstage with Allison Tolman, who stars in ABC's new comedy "Downward Dog"

The story about the lady and her dog is funny enough, but what's most interesting is how close star Allison Tolman came to quitting the business.

"It's certainly not something I was planning on pursuing professionally forever," she said.

An audition for the first season of "Fargo" changed her life.

"It's amazing," she said. "I mean, what happens when all your dreams come true? I try to remember that four years ago, I was working in an office. And I'm so blessed that I get to be doing this with my time."

"Downward Dog" is not a typical sitcom.

"It's not a joke a minute, it's not even a joke a page," Tolman said. "But it's sweet and it's sad and it's funny and it's true."

Viewers can hear Martin, but Tolman's character, Nan, cannot.

"The audience is the only ones that are privy to this world where he is anything other than just a regular dog," she said. "So for me as an actress, it was just like working with a dog, but for a lot of hours a day, because he's my main co-star."

Downward Dog airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on Channel 7.

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