One too many? Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Despicable Me 3'

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Sandy Kenyon has the review.

The beloved Minions are back on the big screen, as "Despicable Me" returns with the franchise's third installment.

This summer at the movies will likely be remembered as a time when the third, fourth or fifth in a series proved one too many. the latest "Transformers" movie earned far less than the others and may not even make a profit because it was so expensive, and the latest follow-up film to fall short is "Despicable Me 3."

There are plenty of movies that both parents and their kids can enjoy, and then there's this film, which mom and dad must suffer through for the sake of their children.

As so often happens, the best moments are in the trailers. And early scenes give false hope that this movie would be even funnier than the second, when Gru went from bad to good.

The new one begins with Gru and his wife, voiced by Kristen Wiig, losing their jobs just as a new villain emerges.

Much to his surprise, Gru soon learns he has a rich, twin brother named Dru.

Both characters are brought to life by Steve Carell, and Dru wants Gru to resume being a bad guy so both can follow in their father's footsteps.

A scene with dad's old car is the best in the movie, and the brothers compromise by trying to re-claim a stolen diamond.

They get separated from the Minions, who cause much mayhem and get sent to prison. Keeping them so far away from the story proves fatal to the success of the film, but it clearly doesn't spoil their fun.

The Minions are always good for a laugh, as their particulair brand of silliness transcends the stupid to remain entertaining. But the third time watching a "Despicable Me" movie is anything but the charm.

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