3 armed men rob Midtown cell phone store

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Josh Einiger reports from Midtown. (WABC)

Three armed men risked years behind bars to rob a cell phone store.

They have yet to be caught, except on the crystal clear surveillance video that shows their faces.

It happened in Midtown Manhattan at 36th Street and Madison Avenue.

They made no real attempt to disguise themselves and didn't even seem to worry about the cameras all over as they pulled a gun and cleaned out a cell phone store in the heart of Midtown.

"We could have been killed today," said Mandeep Kumar, the store's owner.

It's where Mandeep Kumar and his family have eked out a living for more than a decade.

It's where they say these guys showed up with a gun for the second time in just a few months.

"He said, 'Go on the floor,' and we go on the floor," Mandeep Kumar said.

His brother Sandeep was behind the counter when the first suspect walked in around three Wednesday afternoon and asked how much it would cost to repair an iPhone.

That's when two other men walked in, one with a gun.

"Don't move, don't move, he point the gun on me, I was here on the floor and my brother was right there on the floor," Sandeep Kumar said, "They took so many phones, we don't know exactly."

They filled up two duffel bags with brand new smartphones worth hundreds of dollars each, before running west.

Sandeep followed them and flagged down a police officer at 32nd and Fifth, but the suspect got away.

Back in May, the Kumars say the same guy tried the same crime, but got spooked and ran off before he stole anything.

Late Wednesday afternoon, detectives crawled over the store and techs dusted it for prints.

The owners were left to wonder how they could fall victim to such a brazen act on Madison Avenue in the middle of a busy workday.

"This is my bread and butter. I have a couple of families, they rely on it and we lost more than 30 thousand dollars of stuff today," Mandeep Kumar said.
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