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Preparation is key to prevention, and when it comes to saving lives and being safe knowing more and anticipating the worst can mean the difference between life and death.

Many fatalities can be prevented through proper fire safety education and smoke detectors. That is why ABC7 is proud to bring Operation 7: Save A Life to our viewers.

The Emmy-award winning program, offers vital information that can improve the odds of your surviving a dangerous situation.


In the show, we learn from the tragic death of a young talented playwright that even fire-proof high rise residential buildings can be a death trap if residents are not receiving proper communication as to evacuation procedures. Those of us who live in high rise buildings need to know the fire designation of our buildings and also be aware of the ever present danger of overloaded electrical strips, information that could have prevented yet another tragic fatality.

Hurricane Sandy really opened the eyes of New Yorkers, and proved what can happen when people aren't prepared for an emergency. From acts of nature to acts of terrorism, we'll show you why having a well thought out plan can make all the difference in surviving.

Operation 7 Save a Life Live Chat- our experts answered your questions

The job of the FDNY certainly includes fighting fires, but they do so much more and train for all sorts of emergency scenarios including some heart pounding, high rise rescues. We'll show you how they train for these dangerous situations - like last November's scaffolding accident at the new World Trade Center, which took place 68 floors up, and had two window washers holding on for dear life.

We'll also hear about the FDNY's new Ship Simulator and go behind the scenes with Eyewitness News Anchor Bill Ritter to see what this amazing new technology can do to improve safety on our waters. At the Weill Cornell Burn Unit at New York Presbyterian Medical Center they are breaking new ground with their I-Unit which is helping patients cope with the trauma of being in the hospital, at the same time that it is improving their medical care. We attend an emergency preparedness fair and pick up all kinds of great tips that will help you when you least have the time to learn.

We meet a Rookie firefighter whose heroism & training helped save the lives of four young children. We'll learn about a special program in Long Island's Nassau County Fire fighter Museum that teaches children with special needs what they need to know when it comes to fire emergencies. And if you don't know about the FDNY and "Hot Dog" - you'll just have to tune in.

This year marks WABC-TV's 17th year of airing Operation 7: Save a Life, and the station's commitment to increasing public awareness about fire safety, hazards in the home and the need for emergency planning.

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