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Interesting factoids about the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

It takes a tremendous group effort to prepare for a significant event like the 2016 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon. Here are some interesting factoids that may surprise you about the race.

  • 2006 was the year of the first NYC Half

  • Nearly 20,000 people crossed the finish line in 2015

  • 72 countries are represented

  • More than 2,000 event volunteers

  • 458,752 paper cups used during the race

  • 10 cameras for the live broadcast: 2 at the start, 2 in Times Square, 3 on motorcycles, and 3 at the finish

  • 3 Cheer Zones, including NYRR Youth Programs Cheer Zones (Times Square and at the finish), Local Running Team Cheer Zones at fluid stations, and a DJ/Cheer NY Cheer Zone at Christopher Street

  • $20,000 each to the male and female runner champions

  • 2,000 charity runners (approximate)

  • 20.98 tons or 41,960 lbs. of material were recycled at the 2014 NYC Half

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