Rochelle Park, Lyndhurst stores hit by thieves who take GoPro cameras

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Joe Torres reporting from Rochelle Park, N.J. (WABC)

They came to steal cameras, but not before they were caught on camera.

In surveillance video, a man in a white shirt is seen grabbing three cameras from a SCUBA store named Scubapro in Rochelle Park on Thursday.

They took high-end go-pro cameras that were locked to the display with a wire cable valued at $400 each.

"He very casually snipped it, put it back in and then quickly grabbed a couple of cameras and headed to that side of the store," said Lorraine Riscinti, the business owner.

"You look back at the video and you see exactly how they played us and how they kept an eye on things," she said.

Minutes later, the man and a woman can be seen taking five more cameras, with the help of an accomplice who was distracting store employee Jaclyn Martin.

Martin said she was feeling "... just a little frustrated, actually, that I didn't catch everything that was going on literally right behind me."

The deceptive thieves also took four more GoPro cameras from a Harley Davidson dealership not far away on Route 17. Afterwards, they headed to Lyndhurst, where surveillance cameras inside a cycle shop captured the same group, plus a fourth member pulling the same heist: They distracted the clerk, snipped the cables and disappeared with three more GoPro cameras.

Police in Lyndhurst and Rochelle Park are seeking the public's help in finding the group.

"They are obviously organized. They came in with a plan and they executed it perfectly," said Capt. John Valente, of the Lyndhurst Police Department
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