Islip student fights for transfer after caught-on-camera school beating

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Kristin Thorne has the exclusive story of a boy attacked in Islip, and his parents attempt to have him transferred to another school. (WABC)

Disturbing new video shows a Long Island teen being attacked in his high school hallway, but the incident itself wasn't the end of the student's torment.

He wants a transfer out of Islip High School, and he's having trouble getting one.

Anthony Karachannas was beaten unconscious and suffered a concussion last year, and he still suffers from PTSD.

The other student was suspended, but now, Karachannas' mom says he's back and harassing her son, even violating an order of protection by purposefully bumping into him in the hallway.

Kim Karachannas is now keeping Anthony at home, and she wants answers as to why he can't go somewhere else.

The cell phone video shows Anthony Karachannas in a yellow sweatshirt just walking down the hall when he's approached by the other student, who grabs him by the backpack and tosses him into a locker. He then yells at Anthony while he's on the ground.

The video stops there, but according to Anthony's parents, the assault did not.

"We were told that the kid continued to kick and punch him as my son lay on the ground," Kim said.

The assailant was suspended most of last year, but he returned this year despite the order of protection.

The family has been trying desperately to get school administrators to transfer Anthony to a different school district, but their pleas, they say, have fallen on deaf ears.

"I've been on the phone with them almost every day, I would have to say," Kim said.

The family's pediatrician has written letters saying that Anthony suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and cannot remain in the current district.

"He was vomiting before, having to go to school," Kim said. "It's mental abuse. I just find that it's been mental abuse for him."

The family has enlisted the help of education advocate George Deabold, who is also trying to get Anthony transferred.

"It's a total failure of the system," he said. "Children are required to go to school by law, but not a specific school."

Eyewitness News contacted the Islip School District, which issued a written statement saying, "We make every effort to provide and maintain a safe and respectful learning environment and work hard to meet and serve the needs of all students."
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