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Man walks around with knife in back after stabbing in front of Queens McDonald's

Marcus Solis reports on the Queens stabbing.
Video of a man who was literally stabbed in the back in Queens.

A man was stabbed and the knife remained in his back as he walked into a fast food restaurant at the McDonalds on Sutphin Blvd. in Jamaica.

The victim was not seriously injured, but he remains at Jamaica Hospital.

The 6 inch knife entered the 50 year old victims back just after 10am during a fight right outside the McDonald's.

Witnesses were shocked that he was walking around not appearing to be in pain.

Police say the stabbing was the result of a dispute involving a large group of people--as many as eight individuals.

On the tape you can see confusion among some people in the crowd. A police officer arrives on scene--but the victim--is busy on his cell phone. But this was no casual chat--one witness says says--the man was actually calling to say his final goodbyes.

Police are searching for the suspects involved in the stabbing.
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