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Not so hidden anymore: Lucky New Yorkers track down Hidden Cash

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Kristin Thorne reports on how so many New Yorkers are cashing in. (WABC)

Dozens of New Yorkers are finding $50 bills hidden by a California real estate investor who announces his cash drops on Twitter.

The Twitter account Hidden Cash @HiddenCash said money was left Central Park and Brooklyn's Prospect Park on Saturday.

The same Twitter account directed people last week to envelopes with $50 and $100 inside them in San Francisco and 36 cash-filled Angry Birds orbs in Hermosa Beach, California.

Bay Area real estate investor Jason Buzi went public as Hidden Cash in a CNN interview.

New Yorkers are finding the money and tweeting photos of themselves with their finds.

Hidden Cash retweets the smiling photos.

The New York envelopes each contain a $50 bill and a silver half-dollar.

According to the game's creator, the point is to pay it forward and bring people together.

Hidden Cash tweeted that the next giveaway is Sunday in Chicago.
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