"325i-sore": residents say they can't get abandoned BMW hauled away

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7 On Your Side reporter Nina Pineda took action in getting the car moved.

Finding a parking spot can be difficult and it can be like a game, waiting for people to move their car. But in one neighborhood, an abandoned car took up a parking spot for six months.

Call it Nadine Goldberg's "325i-sore." A beamer's been abandoned Nadine says, for half a year. Now, it's an expensive trash bin steps from her front door in Brooklyn.

"Look at this it's all scratched up," Nadine said. "People stick things on it they put their garbage on it, I mean come on!"

The stranded sedan has Pennsylvania plates in the back window and a damaged steering column. What she does know is that she and her neighbors can't get the wayward wheels towed.

Since July, Nadine has complained to 311 a total of 13 times and kept a record.

She says she was told first her local police precinct would take care of the complaint, then the NYC Sanitation Department and lastly NYC Consumer Affairs, but no one's acted on it.

So she made one last call, to 7 On Your Side.

"Because I know that people are very happy with you and you get to the bottom of the problem," Nadine said.

Within minutes of our call, the NYPD took action. The abandoned BMW was finally towed away.

The big takeaway, in the five boroughs you can report a car abandoned after 48 hours. If the car has a license plate you should complain to your local precinct. If it doesn't have a plate, it's up to the Department of Sanitation to tow it away. When you call 311 keep documented proof of date and time you call along with the complaint numbers. That will help you troubleshoot your complaints on your own. A police representative said the car had an expired registration but was not stolen.
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