Sayreville business donating portion of sales to benefit firefighters who saved strip mall

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Toni Yates reports the first store has reopened in Sayreville after a devastating fire that shut down a strip mall. (WABC)

There's a unique show of support to the firefighters who helped save a New Jersey strip mall.

One businesses impacted has opened back up, and it began to help pay back first responders.

5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, the Quick Chek on Main Street in Sayreville reopened, 48 days after a fire shut down the entire strip mall.

The store's regulars can't be happier. Even 5-year-old Gabriella was struggling.

"This is her favorite spot for Slurpee's and soup. She loves it, we come after gymnastics," said John Quick, a Sayreville resident.

All the regulars were put on hold after the February 26th fire that likely started in restaurant along the strip.

It took all four of Sayreville's volunteer fire houses and help from another town to put it out quickly enough to save the structure.

"They were awesome, such a good job, such a good job," said Suzana Henriques, the store manager.

"They've been a great part of the community and we're happy to pay them back," said Donna Kane, the district manager.

They want to pay the volunteers firefighters back. The store is giving a quarter from every lunch sandwich sold to the 130-member fire department, and they can't be happier.

"It helps us by supplies, uniforms, equipment that the town does not pick up for us," said George Gawron, the Sayreville Assistant Fire Chief.

The town takes care of their big needs, like a new engine, but these donations will pay for first aid kits, the small items they need in saving lives.

Every quarter adds up and the fundraiser is on from April 14th to May 13th. 30 days, so they're hoping to hand the fire department a check for at least a couple thousand dollars

"I didn't know it was a fundraiser. I just bought a sub. It's good because they put so much time putting out fires, so they need a reward," said Brianna Clyne, a Sayreville resident.

The store's 15 employees are glad to give.

"We're so happy to be back. We missed our customers so much; you would not believe how much we miss them. We really appreciate them," an employee said.
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